Governor Wolf’s 2020-21 Executive Budget proposal includes $405 million in increases for public schools. In order for this proposed new investment to help schools struggling to keep up with rising costs, head off program cuts, and hold down local property taxes, the legislature must work with the Governor to ensure that when the final budget is adopted in June, public schools receive no less than $405 million in additional resources, distributed fairly across school districts.


PA Schools Work coalition is calling on the legislature to focus on the future and stand behind the governor’s proposed line item increases in Basic Education Funding ($100 million) and Special Education Funding  ($25 million). The increased investments in career and technical education are not part of the governor’s proposal, as they were in the past two state budgets.


The governor’s budget also proposes $280 million to be made available to school districts by adopting reforms to how charter schools are paid.  Without consensus on these reforms, our public schools must still receive a boost of at least $405 million through whatever combination of funding increases and charter school reforms can be attained. All new investments should be distributed equitably so all school districts are provided funding to meet their most critical resource needs.

Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials created an interactive map to show how the basic education funding and special education funding increases in the 2020-21 proposed state budget impact each school district.


Find out how your district fares.

Legislature Must Approve the Full Investment for Public Schools Proposed in Governor Wolf’s Budget

 HARRISBURG, PA (February 4, 2020) — PA Schools Work, a nonpartisan statewide movement working to make sure public schools are equitably and fully funded, issued the following statement on the Governor’s proposed budget for …. READ MORE.

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