Pennsylvania ranks 45th in the nation for its share of education funding. Almost dead last. That means 429 of its 500 school districts – serving 1.4 million students – do not receive their fair share of state education funding.


Students aren’t the only ones paying the price of this underfunded system—local taxpayers are too! Across the Commonwealth, local school districts are raising property taxes to fill the gap from a diminished state share. If you agree that the state should increase its share of education funding, lifting the local burden and supporting excellence, join the work!


Overcrowded classrooms, teachers paying out of their pocket for students’ supplies, frustrated parents, and our students missing out on an excellent education are all consequences of inadequate funding.

The PA School Works approach tackles the entire problem. Here’s how:

Increasing basic education funding to close the state’s more than $4 billion adequacy gap.

Raising, over the next five years, the state’s share of special education funding back up to 35% of costs so all special education students get the high-quality, inclusive services they need and deserve.
Ensuring that funding for career and technical education is adequate and distributed equitably so that every student who chooses to pursue CTE can get learning opportunities that allow them to progress towards an industry-based credential in their chosen career.
Pennsylvania’s chronic underfunding of schools is creating a crisis. Share these graphics with your followers and Join the Work

Pennsylvania ranks 45th in the country in the state’s share of funding for public schools. Only about 38% of the costs of public education is covered by the state.

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