Check out the most recent fact based research on PA’s woeful funding situation. Studies show we need more funding and our students are suffering as a result.


School District Budget Report: The COVID Impact

January 2021

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Pennsylvania Budget & Policy Center

Pennsylvania Distributes Emergency K-12 School Funding Backwards – The Fewest Dollars Go to School Districts with the Greatest Need

December 2020

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State of Education Report 2020

December 2020

Education Law Center

Pennsylvania’s Continuing Pattern of Neglect: A Decade of Shortchanging Children with Disabilities

December 2020

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Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children

Career and Technical Education: Setting the Standard in Pennsylvania

September 2020

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PASBO-PASA School District Budget Report

January 2020

Mission: Readiness

Workforce Readiness – The National Security Threat from Within

November 2019

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Keystone Research Center

How is State Funding for Schools Affecting Your Property Taxes?

March 2019

Public Citizens for Children and Youth

The Game Plan: A Regional Strategy for Strengthening Pennsylvania’s Workforce

ReadyNation – Council for a Strong America

Real Estate Markets Thrive When PA Schools Work

April 2019

Education Law Center

Shortchanging Children with Disabilities: State Underfunding of Special Education in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania School Boards Association

2019 State of Education

February 2019

Equitable School Funding

A Must for Pennsylvania’s Economic Competitiveness

Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children

Skilled Workers Needed: Ensuring Investments in Career and Technical Education




American Institutes for Research

Educational Equity, Adequacy, and Equal Opportunity in the Commonwealth: An Evaluation of Pennsylvania’s School Finance System

William Penn Foundation

Pennsylvania School Data Project

Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children

Spending Impact on Student Performance Fact Sheets

RAND Corporation

The Economic Impact of Achievement Gaps in Pennsylvania’s Public Schools

Public Interest Law Center

The Cost of Adequate Education Funding: An Updated Report

Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children

Spending Impact on Student Performance: A Rural Perspective

Education Law Center

Money Matters in Education Justice