By Ed Palattella  | Posted Jul 12, 2018 at 12:01 AM

Erie School District and Erie County Assessment Board continue to challenge Commodore Perry Yacht Club’s assessed value.

Appeals have extended the six-year fight over the property taxes for the private Commodore Perry Yacht Club off the Bayfront Parkway.

The Erie County Board of Tax Assessment Appeals and the Erie School District have appealed to state Commonwealth Court two rulings, both from Erie County Judge William R. Cunningham, that left the club’s assessed value and taxes unchanged.

The board and the district filed the appeals on Tuesday, in time for them to meet the 30-day deadline for taking the case to a higher court.

In the latest decision in the case from Cunningham, he declined on June 12 to change the yacht club’s assessed value of $635,200, which the Assessment Board set in 2012. That value translates to a total property tax bill of $21,442, based on current millage rates.

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