DuBois residents’ school tax notices will have wrong due dates

Aug 3, 2018

By Nick Hoffman | Jul 20, 2018

DuBOIS — The DuBois City Treasurer’s Office is bracing for a deluge of phone calls when the school district tax notices are mailed Aug. 1.

The treasurer’s office collects taxes for not only the city but for the DuBois Area School District and Clearfield County, too.

The county prints the tax bills for municipalities and school districts and distributes them to those entities for distribution.

County and municipal (city, borough or township) notices are mailed in the spring since they operate on a calendar year budget. School districts operate on a July 1 to June 30 fiscal year, so their tax notices are mailed in August.

This year, the county failed to catch a mistake in the due dates in tax notices for the DuBois Area School District. When the mistake was found, all the notices were reprinted … except the ones for the City of DuBois. They were not reprinted because the county ran out of the paper on which they are printed and couldn’t replenish the stock before the distribution date.

That means the notices city residents receive for their school property and per capita taxes will have the wrong due dates on them, along with a notice that includes the correct dates.

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