As a longtime resident of Lansdowne, I am encouraged to hear that the school funding lawsuit filed in 2014 by the William Penn School District has recently overcome a major legal hurdle, moving it one step closer to trial.

I attended school in Lansdowne-Aldan, prior to the 1972 consolidation with Yeadon, Darby, and Colwyn, predominantly black communities. When I was a student, the schools, then predominantly white, were more fairly funded, as reflected by well-maintained facilities and a teaching environment conducive to a decent education. Sadly, since then, the district and its residents have been hurting. 

Fortunately, on August 21, Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson issued a court order rejecting Senate President Joe Scarnati’s attempt to have the school funding case thrown out of court. Scarnati, a respondent in the lawsuit, had claimed that the case is moot because of a new funding formula established in 2016.

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