Haverford School Board approves resolution calling for more state school funding

Jan 29, 2019

The Haverford School Board Thursday voted 8-0, with one member absent, to approve the PA Schools Work resolution advocating more state funding for the public schools.

The resolution, which will be sent to the state legislature and governor, says that Pennsylvania ranks 46th among 50 states in state subsidies for public education with its share at 38 percent and it has the widest funding gap between rich and poor districts. State funding has failed to keep pace with rising mandated special education costs that have increased by $1.6 billion in the last decade while the state’s share of those costs have fallen to 25 percent. And it has also failed to adequately fund career and technical education.

These policies put the burden on local taxpayers to pay a greater share of the costs of public education, the resolution states

“We are fortunate to live in a well-funded school district,” said Larry Feinberg, Haverford School Board president. “I introduced this resolution because I firmly believe that our duty and obligation to advocate for students does not end at our township’s borders. You don’t need to travel very far to find districts where students simply do not have the resources that we take for granted.”

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