HARRISBURG, PA (February 2, 2021) – The PA Schools Work Campaign, a coalition of more than 30 organizations from across Pennsylvania representing educators; urban, rural and suburban communities; parents and community leaders working together to increase funding for PA public schools, saluted Governor Wolf for his bold $1.5 billion public education budget proposal, which responds to the moment and sets an historic marker for investing in public education.  Coalition leaders noted that the global pandemic highlighted the critical role schools play in our communities and our future, while widening the gap between the wealthiest and poorest schools as school districts remain chronically underfunded by the state.

The coalition issued the following statement on behalf of its supporters across the commonwealth who are seeking leadership during this extraordinary moment in the education of our students:

“We support a $1.5 billion public investment that is dedicated to moving Pennsylvania toward funding each school district equitably and adequately, with the resources to support it. Let’s get to work.”


PA Schools Work is a non-partisan coalition of organizations from across Pennsylvania representing teachers and other educators; urban, suburban and rural communities; and parents and community members working together to advocate for PA public schools, their students and the communities they serve. For more information on PA Schools Work, visit