Jul 24, 2018 | Cara Morningstar

JERSEY SHORE – In the ongoing discussion of Jersey Shore Area School District’s deficit, the school board asked to look into options regarding selling schools after hearing a long-term financial outlook presentation during its meeting on Monday.

“I would like to make a request in public that the administration provide to us a new cost savings associated with the closure of Avis independently of Salladasburg, and then combined together,” said Dr. John Pecchia, board member. “We had numbers from last year, but we’ve had furloughs. I’m not sure what that does to cost savings, so as we’re addressing a $1 million shortfall, before we even start … let’s start early and see what we can come up with.”

Dr. Jill Wenrich, superintendent, said options were already being looked into.

“The administration has already started looking at that as well as other cost savings across the district for the 19-20 school year,” she said. “We are being proactive.”

Ben Enders, district business manager, said the current budget deficit for the district is $110,499 for 2018-19, but the projected deficit for 2019-20 is $1,035,469. He said the projected deficit for 2021-22 is $3,560,851.

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