Endorse PA Schools Work

PA Schools Work is a non-partisan grassroots campaign calling on the state to pay its fair share and adequately and equitably fund public education in Pennsylvania. The campaign maintains the position that all Pennsylvania students have the right to attend public schools that will ensure they graduate with the 21st century skills necessary for success in college or a career.

Endorsing Member Responsibilities

Endorsing Organizations agree to:

  • Support the campaign’s principles
  • Agree to be listed as an endorser of the campaign’s principles
  • Mention the campaign in appropriate organizational communications
  • Reach out to their membership and promote activities of the campaign
  • Regularly share campaign generated documents
  • Serve on campaign committees (i.e. mobilization, communications, research, or government relations) and attend committee meetings

Endorsing Organizations may be asked to:

  • Assist in implementing one or more of the campaign’s core strategies

Endorsing Member Rights

  • Use PA Schools Work materials to advocate for campaign principles
  • Request clarification or response to questions re: campaign challenges, messaging and materials
  • If on a committee:
    • Attend committee meetings
    • Recommend ways to improve the implementation of the campaign’s core strategies via engagement in the project teams, i.e. mobilization, research, government relations and communications.
    • Assist in the development of campaign materials for their respective committees

Endorsing Membership Application Considerations

Organizations are invited to apply to become an endorsing organization. There is no membership fee to join. New requests for membership are considered by the governing committee and are acted upon at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting.

Submissions from organizations that have demonstrated a lack of integrity in other coalitions or inconsistency between the principles of the campaign and the goals of the submitting organization may not be approved.



By submitting this form, my organization agrees to the membership responsibilities and rights, understands the form consideration process and agrees to uphold and support the following campaign principles:

  • The state must fund public education equitably and adequately so that all Pennsylvania students, regardless of race, ethnicity, ability, family income or the community where they live, can attend public schools that will ensure they graduate with the 21st-century skills necessary for success in college or a career.
  • To achieve the campaign’s goal that Basic Education Funding meets the purpose and intent of the current funding formula, the state must, including but not limited to:
    • Pay its fair share of public education costs by:
      • Increasing basic education funding by at least $3 billion through the state’s fair funding formula
      • Ensuring sufficient resources for special education and career and technical education
      • Delivering targeted property tax relief to those who need it
    • Generate the necessary revenues through sustainable, recurring funding sources

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