RIDLEY TOWNSHIP — A new report released Friday enforced the notion that property values are contingent on student achievement in local schools, and the state’s current education funding schemes play a role in that.

A panel of lawmakers, realtors and policy analysts met at Ridley High School to discuss the findings of “Real Estate Markets Thrive When PA Schools Work,” the report compiled by the organization Ready Nation that contends that adequate funding for public schools has an effect on the achievement of public school children, and, in turn, how that correlates to a community’s home values.

“Inadequate state funding for K-12 education has only exacerbated this problem in struggling communities – placing even more pressure on local property taxes to fund education,” reads a portion of the report. “This relationship is most pronounced when improving student performance in communities with historically underperforming schools. Greater state investment in equitable public school funding can foster these positive outcomes for Pennsylvania’s students and communities.”

Read the full article here: https://www.delcotimes.com/news/report-good-schools-boost-home-values-more-state-funds-needed/article_3122c100-57ee-11e9-9e40-4b0721155976.html