PA must invest in Career and Technical Education

Mr. Gustavo Perea highlighted in a recent opinion piece (“Career and Technical Education supports our economy. We should support it.” Feb. 21, 2020) the critical work of institutions like Middle Bucks Institute of Technology, Eastern Center for Arts and Technology and...

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Schools are struggling to keep up with rising costs

The concerns outlined in the recent article, “West Perry worries over special education costs” are indicative of anxieties that administrators and school board directors across the state are feeling this time of year. Increases in mandated expenses for school...

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John Neurohr




In November 2014, The Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia and the Education Law Center of Pennsylvania filed a lawsuit on behalf of six school districts, PA Association of Rural & Small Schools, NAACP and parents; suing the commonwealth for violating the state constitution.

The lawsuit asserts that without adequate and equitably distributed resources students are not able to meet the proficiency standards set by the state legislature, as evidenced by the fact that state test scores declined across all districts following the 2011 state cuts.

The petitioners are asking for a court order that will force the legislature to comply with the state constitution and ensure all students receive access to a high-quality public education.

To follow the lawsuit on the Public Interest Law Center website

To follow the lawsuit on the PA Education Law Center website