Amazing educational opportunities exist in many public schools across Pennsylvania. They would be available to many more students if schools had enough resources.


In PA Schools Work, we celebrate the many successes achieved in public schools every day. They show that investing in schools will produce tremendous returns for our students and our communities. That’s why we’re working to make sure schools get the funding they need so all students have access to the same opportunities for excellence.


Great things are happening in public schools across Pennsylvania. All kids deserve to experience an excellent education. We work for funding to ensure that they do!

Reading happy to have Teachers in the Parks

Started in Exeter, summer education program expands to benefit city kids. Reading Eagle | Jeremy Long | July 7, 2018 Kayla Welsh sat in the shade outside Reading's 3rd and Spruce Recreation Center reading to a group of kids sprawled out on a picnic blanket. Inside the...

Gettysburg High School students create 3D-printed hand for amputee

Natasha Dillow wanted to hold a frosting bag and roll fondant again. The 34-year-old cake decorator from Chambersburg no longer could do that after losing her right hand, and several other limbs, to a flesh-eating disease last summer. With the aid of two Gettysburg...